Electric Guitar B

Basically, a typical model of an instrument called an electric solid guitar.
(Stratocaster, Telecaster, Les Paul, SG, and or copy models of the same shape)
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Storage, we have done our own research.
Models that cannot be stored in NAHOK Electric Guitar A (with gussets) cannot naturally be stored in B (without gussets).
The following are electric guitars that cannot be stored in either NAHOK A (gusseted) or B (gussetless).
B.C.Rich, (Bich,Mockingbird),Epiphone(Sharaton.Casino),Fernandes(MG),Gibson(ES335,ES175),
Shadowsky(Semi Hollow), Takai(ES),Washburn(PS)
The following models can be stored in NAHOK A (with gussets) but not in B (without gussets).
ESP(Forest),FENDER(Jaguar,Jass Mastee),B.C.Rich(eagle),Dernandes(H-Vampire),


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