The NAHOK trumpet soft case is made of fully waterproof fabric, directly imported from Germany.
It is a 100% MADE IN JAPAN high quality case bag.
The inside is filled with a combination of thick cushions, European-made Super Heat Insulator
(temperature control function material) and high-density cushions.
Further inserted with a combination of high-density cushioning and other materials.
The plate cushion for the bell is included in the rear insert with high-density cushioning.
The perimeter is wrapped with Japanese watertight fasteners and the opening is further protected by a high-density mat.

The latest model "Morricone/wf" is the longest at 55cm.
It also features a narrow triangular line from the bell to the point along the mouthpipe, creating an exquisite fit.
It is also beautifully balanced with a centre round pocket, up to 7cm thick.
It can hold quite a few small items, such as mouthpieces and straight mutes with a diameter of 9cm or more.

With 2 shoulder straps is included.

with shoulder belts   Morricone  

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