NAHOK Protection Case Bag For Musicians

 Waterproof x Shock Absorb
 Temperature Adjustment
 Fabric from Germany, Made in Japan.

 NAHOK is composed of three functional materials!

 "Super Tilt"
 Made in Germany, a special coating fabric which is waterproof,
 antifouling, UV protective, and the degree of wet proof.

 "Super Heat Insulator"
 Made of special foil multiplex structure,
 "Super Heat Insulator" is inserted in the interior of a case.
 This has the function to adjust temperature, protecting from shock.

 "Waterproof Fastener"
 Use Japanese strong "Waterproof Fastener" for cases.

 NAHOK is all designated by Nahoko Kimura,and manufactured in Japan.

 NAHOK musical instrument cases called "case guard"
 "NAHOK" is a original product, a musical instrument case cover
 = 'case guard' by "NAHOK", a Japanese designer who is a
 producer of Movie and Fassion media. These 'case guards' are
 made exclusively strong fabric which is imported from Germany.

 This German material is a special fabric "the complete waterproofing"
 using the yarn of Trevira that is the most durable thread in the world,
 and it can protect against brutal weather such as heavy rain, wind, snow and heat.

 The fabric is also treated with an advanced specialty coating that makes
 the material as smooth as glass.

 This NAHOK'case guard' has an amazing heat/cold resistant insulator
 that protects from shock and heat, yet is extremely light.
 "NAHOK'case guard' is 100% made in Japan and is most popular amongst
 orchestra members who play the flute, oboe, clarinet,guitar and drums."
 We take the advice of professional musicians regarding size,
 specifications, and alignment.

 *The temperature protector

 The new developed ”Super Heat Insulator” protects
 your instrument from radical changes in temperature.

 Constant temperature ensures quality.
 Temperature fluctuations are detrimental to quality. Using "The Super Heat
 Insulator" considerably reduces the risk of temperature fluctuations.
 "The Super Heat Insulator" keeps the product longer at the right temperature
 during distribution, whether in scorching sunlight or severe frost.

 Super Heat Insulator has 90% heat/cool reflection.
 The insulator is constructed from a specially-developed hygienic PE laminate
 with coated aluminum foil on both sides.
 The material has a high vapor diffusion resistance
 and a heat/cool reflection of no less than 90%.

  Super Tilt Super Heat Insulator