Lightweight Backpack for Flute, Oboe and Clarinet "Helden/wf" Black

Lightweight Backpack for Flute, Oboe and Clarinet "Helden/wf" Black

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Weight: 4lbs

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Black / Silver Emblem

(*Black and pink fabrics are softer than white one)


Exterior: German-made Super Tilt (Lightweight and tough fabric with waterproof, UV and stain resistant finish)
Zipper: Japan-made watertight zipper


Dimensions: 45cm x 33cm x 14cm
Weight: 670g


1: One-piece, light backpack design.
2: Vertical zipper pocket (20cm x 17cm) for small items on the outside (front body).
3: Inner pocket (40cm x 30cm) made of raised fabric with a fixing belt.
The file size can hold B4.
4: It comes with a special backpack belt that is easy on the shoulders.
The length of the belt is adjustable but not removable.
5: The handle on the top is convenient for hanging on the wall.

Other Photos

  • It is long and big enough to hold s flute B&C foot, piccolo, music stand,
    and B4 size file for interior pocket.
  • 15-inch PC is placed vertically in the interior pocket.
  • If you don't put anything in, It can be flattened out.

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