Yanami Sakahashi ; Flutist/Conductor
Yanami Sakahashi began learning to play the piano from his mother when he was three years old. Also, he began to learn the flute at the age of twelve.
He won the highest award for a flute solo in his junior high school days and high school days in “Tochigi Art Festival” in Japan.
In his junior high school days, he won the highest award in “Tochigi Student Music Composition”.

He studied at “Toho Gakuen School of Music” in Tokyo, and obtained a B.A and M.A degree in flute performance.
He studied flute under Prof. Souich Minegishi, Julius Backer, and chamber music under Prof. Tadashi Mori, Prof. Toshiya Etoh, and conducting under Prof. Nanao Yamamoto.
During his time as a college student, he had already shown a wealth of talent.
He was a finalist at “Doppler Memorial Competition” in Japan.
He was also a laureate (first place prize) of the “NHK Music Competition” and participated in several international competitions such as the “Julius Backer Flute Competition” in U.S.A. He joined the “Japan Shinsei Symphony Orchestra” in 1985.
In 2007, he was invited to the “Shanghai International Spring Music Festival” in China, and he performed with “Shanghai City Philharmonic Orchestra” as a flute soloist; it was broadcast both on television and radio.
In 2008, he was asked to be a guest solo-flutist of India's “Bombay Chamber Orchestra.”

His field of activity is not confined to only classical music and concerts.
He is also active as DJ for a television and radio station, and he has collaborated with famous foreign popular-musicians and famous Japanese popular- musicians.
He regularly writes articles for many music magazines of Japan.
In a flute specialization magazine, he announced the research contents of Doppler; he continues researching for Doppler.

As a conductor, he has directed many Japanese orchestras and wind orchestras.
As their music director, he brought city wind orchestras to perform overseas in China and the United States. In 2009, he was invited as a guest conductor for “Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra” in the United States.
Furthermore, in 2011, costarring with the Lebanon National symphony orchestra(as a guest conductor and soloist) is decided.
In addition, in U.S.A. and Taiwan, he conducted and lectured for student orchestras. Because of his lyricism and passion for conducting and stage performance, he really charms his many fans. For example, sometimes he will play two roles: he plays a flute while conducting the orchestra.

Currently, he is a flutist for the “Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra”. He is also on the faculty at the “University of Creation; Art, Music & Social Work” and the “Hakuoh High School” in Japan, and is a guest professor for “Sheng-te Christian College” in Taiwan. Until now, he has published six CDs, including a solo album with an orchestra.
He will be performing with Lebanese National Symphony Orchestra this coming October.
He is one of the best welcomed multi-talented musicians in Japan.