NAHOK Musician Tote [Carry Flu-Flu 3] Cream {Waterproof}

NAHOK Musician Tote [Carry Flu-Flu 3] Cream {Waterproof}

Our Selling Price: US$198.00

Weight: 3lbs


NAHOK Musician Tote
[Carry Flu-Flu 3] Cream

You can put the hard case with NAHOK single case cover, flute, piccolo,
and music stand, A4 score. Oboe, clarinet is also available.
This bag "Carry Flu-Flu 2" are made of waterproof fabric.
1 shoulder strap (color:beige) is included.

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Color : Cream
Size : Outside dimensions
height x width x depth
10.6 x 22 x 3.9(inch) = 27 x 56 x 10(cm) 
Item Weight : 1.3(lbs) = 570(g) (NOT shipping weight)
*Please check the shipping weight above the ‘Our Selling Price’ about your delivery fee.

Material : Imported from Europe.
"Super Tilt"
Made in germany, a special coating fabric which is waterproof, antifouling, UV protective, and the degree of wetproof.

Material from Germany, Made in Japan.
Developed and Designed By Nahoko Kimura, Hero International Inc.

Attention : This bag use waterproof fastener, NOT super heat insulator.

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