Yutaka Sasaki

Jazz Drummer, Percussionist
Directed for Music&Dance Stage
NAHOK Music case, Special Adviser

Born in Kyushu, Japan.
He changed to the drum from a classical piano in teens.
The victory will be won in the series in a wind-instrument music contest for two years.
He performs with a classical orchestra from the time of a high school.
He went to a professional drummer's way by his famouse drummer's uncle recommendation, .
He worked for television,a tour around a base,and many band activity.
He went abroad to US,Boston for leraning Mr. Alan Dawson who produced the original method.
He did many sessions with US artist in Boston and New York.
After came back to Japan,he was menber of some best jazz players,
The Tamura Yoku trio, a Hideto Kanai trio.
Then, he made his own leader band, and by collaboration with the artist of many genres,
the stage and the live are directed and it works widely.
Since he is a pure movie fan, the cinema lives is supported as a leader of a film critic, Nahoko Kimura cinema band.
He did the talk show about a rhythm, a musical film,
and a lecture besides a public performance perform in a film festival, a film music event, etc.
It plays an active part also as a legendary jazz pianist, Kunihiko Sugano's member these days.
Recently, He worked for Michael Jackson's dance musical "Looking for MM” as production assistance
and dance instruction.

By the percussion instrument, it is made to search for the history and the rhythm of races,
such as Africa and Cuba, into the lifework.
He is also supporting for NAHOK GERMANY, Music instrument case as a special adviser.